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VegasSkating has been around since early 2003. For the first five years this site was nothing more than a collection of weekly skateboarding clips; Eventually we evolved into a site dedicated to helping local skateboarders keep up with the exploding Las Vegas skate scene.

Today our mission has expanded to not only helping the locals, but to also assist anyone planning to travel to Las Vegas with skateboarding in mind. We supply real-time skateboarding news and information on upcoming events and soon we will also offer pictures, videos, and directions to some of the amazing skate spots that this great city has to offer.

If you would like to be a part of our growing movement. Email vegasskating@vegasskating.com

8 Responses to “About Us”

  1. george tomich says:

    tell tinky tomich, to give his cuz george tomich a call 818 263 7841

  2. Branson Howard says:

    Black Ninja, I’d really appreciate if you would use this for your new segment. it would mean a lot. Thanks. p.s. I love your videos, they make me wanna go skate.

  3. Larry Estrada says:

    Hi im looking for what appears to be a very long pinkish ledge, probably about two feet tall. Ive seen it in the Kill Vegas video where someone does a long manual across the whole thing, not sure if it’s vegas?

    I know that not all the spots in that video are not in vegas but was wondering if this was and where it’s located?, as ive seen it in a few locals videos on youtube.

    If you could email me back @ thrashsince88@yahoo.com it would be much appreciated.
    Thanks, Larry Estrada.

  4. Timothy Bonica says:

    I need someone to film me skating… anyone that already owns a camera and will do it for free cuz im only 13 years old and i got some sponsers and i need to get some vids to them before they drop me.

  5. Jose Rosas says:

    Get some spots on the eastside filmed

  6. marquis johnson says:

    do u guys have a sponcer

  7. Ozzi Torres says:

    I had an idea, it may or may not work? If possible? you guys , should try and create a Movie like video. Introducing all the skateboarders like the monmons , Vegasskating, etc. All in one video and just showing how all spend days together on a regular day and show the best of what they got. Like a documentary I suppose and involving most of the spots you guys skate at. It would be interesting to watch, like the NEAT or THAT videos, but in one episode. It’s just an idea that I had in mind , but if you liked it or anything, just let me know how you think of this.

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