Posted on April 13th

It was a great year!

Posted on January 13th

Doug Des Autels in LA

Posted on October 4th

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Switch Flip NoseManual

Posted on August 23rd

Frankie Decker at Bunker

Posted on July 13th

More Lone Mountain

Posted on August 12th

Also the YMCA doubleset.

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Skate Spot – The Reservoir

Posted on July 16th

Directions: About a half-mile North of Metro Skatepark. Exit Metro parking lot and turn right on Gowan. Make the first left and after about a half mile you will see the spot on your left. You can skate to this spot from both Metro Skatepark and Lone Mountain skate spot if you don’t have a car.
There isn’t much shade so keep that in mind with the Vegas heat.

Notable tricks: Blunt Kickflip, Switch Blunt 180, BS noseblunt to fakie, 5-0 stall kickflip- the list goes on… Leave all other notable tricks in the comments section.

Lone Mountain – Vegas Skate Spot

Posted on July 14th

Location: 4445 North Jensen, Las Vegas, NV 89129 -On the intersection of North Jensen and Craig. This spot has been around for many years and has everything you could possibly want to skate. Ledges, Manuals, Stairs, Banks, Wallrides, and the list goes on. In the newer more colorful section you have a Medium chance of getting kicked out. Typically we try to skate that area on Sundays hoping than no park maintenance people or marshalls are patrolling. The older ledge area is usually a safe spot to skate with little chance of being kicked out. Have fun.