Skating a Ledge

Posted on August 8th

Black Ninja, Genesis Atkins, Matt Zicopula, Travis Kerr

Genesis Skating a 16

Posted on December 20th

What time! When!?!??!

Posted on November 27th

Swainston – Vegas Skate Spot

Posted on July 22nd

Theron L Swainston Middle School
3500 West Gilmore Ave
North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Swainston is a middle school with an awesome 10 stair. It has a steep circular rail with a decent amount of run-up. The only negative thing is a small crack before the top stair. You can typically skate this spot anytime as long as it isn’t during school hours. As always, please respect this spot and do not damage anything because it is one of the few schools left that can be skated without problems.

Notable tricks: Nosegrind, Treflip, Kickflip over rail, Nollie 5050, Nollie bs boardslide, Back smith. Leave all other notable tricks in the comments section.

“THAT” Montage

Posted on July 9th

Hey cools! Check out the montage section from the “THAT” video! Featuring Genesis Atkins, Adrian McCoy and Blair Deaguero!