police assault skateboarder

Posted on July 27th

Flatbar S.K.A.T.E

Posted on July 31st

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More Reservoir Footage

Posted on September 2nd

Old footage but you get the picture. Click HERE for more information and directions to the spot!

Swainston – Vegas Skate Spot

Posted on July 22nd

Theron L Swainston Middle School
3500 West Gilmore Ave
North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Swainston is a middle school with an awesome 10 stair. It has a steep circular rail with a decent amount of run-up. The only negative thing is a small crack before the top stair. You can typically skate this spot anytime as long as it isn’t during school hours. As always, please respect this spot and do not damage anything because it is one of the few schools left that can be skated without problems.

Notable tricks: Nosegrind, Treflip, Kickflip over rail, Nollie 5050, Nollie bs boardslide, Back smith. Leave all other notable tricks in the comments section.

Double Ditch – Vegas Skate Spot

Posted on July 12th

The spot is located at the intersection of Summerlin Parkway and Town Center Dr. It will be on the sewer side of the Bank of America. Security may hassle you if you park in the Bank of America parking lot. There is a medium chance of being kicked out, usually the bank just doesnt want people skating in the lot. Occasionally there will be running water at the bottom, but that just makes for an artsy landing. Bring a broom as there are many small pebbles at the bottom.

Notable ABD tricks: Nolle tre, Fakie tre, Nollie heel 360, Halfcab Late-flip, Kickflip then ollie to flat.
Leave any other notable tricks in the comments section.